How to begin with your own website

Choose a Unique Name

It is important to find a unique domain name for your website. Think of your domain name as your branding. Generally, you want a domain name similar to your business identity, or if you work under your own name you may want it more personal. Some examples may be "" or ""

Draft Your Pages

Now that you have your name, it's time to plan your website. What do you want to tell visitors? An example of a site map may include home, contact and product/service pages. A website should be both informative and interesting; after all, you want to draw in customers.

Select Hosting Company

A well structured website is good, but until it goes live it may as well be taped on your refrigerator where no one can see it. There are a variety of companies that provide hosting options to put your website online. IAMNet offers a few such deals.


The final step is publishing your website. Once published, your website is live and can be visited by anyone online through your domain name. However, unlike shipping out brochures, your website can still be edited and changed at any point after publishing. This makes websites a powerful, and convenient, method of keeping your customers informed of any developments.